Five Easy Ways to Add Steps to Your Day

Adding a little extra activity to your day can be easy. Here’s some ways to bring a little bit of extra cardio activity into your daily routine. Take this list to your physician to discuss which may work best for you:

  1. Be a stair master - Using the stairs instead of the escalator or the elevator can add a lot of steps to your day, and can get your heart pumping. A handy trick to remember is “one up, two down” – walk up one flight of stairs when you can, and walk down two.


  2. Walk and talk – Moderate walking uses more energy than sitting still, so when you connect with friends or family, consider sharing some of your time together on your feet – take a walk around the block, or someplace indoors, if weather is bad. You might be surprised at the new ideas and personal connections you get from changing your conversational routine.


  3. Stand up for yourself - Think of your phone’s ring tone as an alarm to get up out of the chair. Stand for the first minute of every telephone conversation, or stroll around the room, if you are able. You can also do the same thing with your TV remote – standing up each time you change the channel may help keep you feeling more energetic (and may encourage you to leave the TV behind for something more active!).


  4. Clean machine - Chores – they have to get done, so why not make them work for you? Take the long way around your rooms when cleaning up. When setting the table, make one trip for every place setting, and do the same when clearing the table afterward. Lots of short trips inside your house can be a low impact way to add many steps to your day.


  5. Take a lap (or three!) - Browsing the perimeter of a grocery store can promote healthy food choices – many stores put fresh, less-processed foods like fruits, vegetables and dairy around the perimeter of the store. But walking the perimeter can help your heart even more – take a couple of laps around the store before you add anything to your cart to compare prices and rack up some steps!

Exercise doesn’t have to happen at the gym, on a track or even in workout clothes. Adding little bits of fitness throughout the day can add up — just get creative! Break up your routine with some of these sneaky cardio boosters and take steps toward your personal exercise goals.

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